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“I gotta order [the comics] off Amazon.com or something eventually and marathon the show.”@Paulformer

“Found out about this by accident. Glad I did.”Richard Fieldhouse

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I have been a listener of the Audio Knights since the beginning, and I am so proud of the guys for what they are doing. I love hearing the growth of the voice actors and the editing between episodes. I have never been a big fan of Transformers, but the Audio Knights makes me excited for the next episode. You can hear their passion in the voices, and the love of their project is evident.Creations By Gretta

So I just started listening to @TAKTonline … Yup this will certainly make my afternoons at work go by much quicker 😊 happy day – @rockerchix86

@TAKTonline ふふ、AudioKnightsTheatreはいい子ですね。@rung_MTMTE_bot

@TAKTonline Hey, I did it because it was super-fun, Blurr is awesome, and your back episodes sound AWESOME. Thank YOU, seriously 😀 – @mxharrybentley

@TAKTonline @tfwiki Cyclonus…We had no idea there was a way to make Cyclonus even cooler. btw, my son (age 6) and I really enjoyed listening to MTMTE#1. You guys rock…Dig what you’re doing. – @dockrog

@TAKTonline thanks for lettin’ me play guys! Lots of fun – @dkayevo