Medic! We need a Crewdition, stat!

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Medic! We need a Crewdition, stat!

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The audible siege-engine that is The Audio Knights Theatre is increasing momentum, and fueling this great machine are YOU Audio Knights! We have many projects in the works, but we need YOUR talents to help breathe life into them!

We’ve added new information to our Crewditions page – be sure to check out the Crewditions Primer, if you’re a newcomer interested in submitting audio to us, as well as our newly-revised Last Stand of the Wreckers project! We’ll be working on a Dramatic Read for LSOTW once we get all of the roles cast!

There are many roles for female voice actors for our Uncanny X-Men read, and we will be adding many more projects in the near future, but before we get ahead of ourselves, we’d like to get these projects completed first! That’s where you come in – check out our Crewditions page and see what roles you’d like to audition for! Happy recording!

‘Til All Are One