LSOTW Dramatic Read Casting Update

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LSOTW Dramatic Read Casting Update

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The first round of roles have been cast for LSOTW! Crewditions have been steadily coming in, and we’ve started evaluations, Aequitas-style! To make sure everyone gets a shot at auditioning, THE DEADLINE FOR ALL REMAINING LAST STAND OF THE WRECKERS AUDITIONS IS JUNE 19TH. Our Audio Knights will evaluate any outstanding roles and will judge the available Crewditions accordingly! ALSO, in evaluating roles, the Knights may request that you read for other characters(and not just for LSOTW) if we feel your voice is a great fit for another role!


Impactor-headshot      Impactor – Adam White


Topspin-headshot TwinTwist-headshot      Topspin & Twin Twist – Drew Merkel

Rack'N'Ruin-headshot      Rack ‘N Ruin – Josh Carias

Roadbuster-headshot      Roadbuster – Adam White


We are still evaluating roles, and have received Crewditions for all, though we encourage you to submit auditions for any available roles!  The remaining roles are:


Verity Carlo











Send in your Crewditions as soon as you can! Once we receive an outstanding Crewdition for a role, we will assign it prior to the deadline – if you want a shot at a role, you need to Crewdition! If you want to know how to submit Crewditions, visit our Crewditions Page and read the Primer!


Thanks for Crewditioning, future Audio Knights! WRECK ‘N RULE!


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MTMTE Issue 5 Audio Drama Out Now!

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It’s finally here! After a host of other projects, we can finally say that our MTMTE Issue 5 Audio Drama is complete and ready for stream or download! In this issue, Fortress Maximus wakes up, and Ratchet, First Aid, and Ambulon try desperately to save Drift and Pipes from the Delphi plague. We also see Tailgate trying to learn how to be an Autobot from Ultra Magnus, and Rung and Red Alert discover a terrible secret! All in this exciting follow-up to Issue 4!

You can Direct Download and/or add us to your RSS feed here! TF: MTMTE – Episode 5
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You can check it out on iTunes here:

You can check it out on SoundCloud here:

Be sure to get the More Than Meets The Eye comic from Comixology so you can read along! Click the logo below:


Don’t forget to share with you friends! And as always, thanks for listening, and stay tuned!

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Issue #5 Teaser Trailer Now On YouTube!

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It’s here! Our teaser trailer for Issue #5 of our Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye audio drama is now on YouTube! In this scene, we find Tailgate (who had been “badly advised” about becoming a Decepticon) coming to Ultra Magnus to learn about becoming an Autobot. Unfortunately, he discovers that Magnus is a little intense when it comes to learning the Autobot Code! Enjoy! And don’t forget to Like, Share, Tweet, Favorite, and Subscribe!

We’ve also added this teaser to our MTMTE Playlist! Here you can watch all of our teasers in a row!