TAKT’s “Sounds of the Lost Light-Vol. 1” Playlist Now On SoundCloud!

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TAKT’s “Sounds of the Lost Light-Vol. 1” Playlist Now On SoundCloud!

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TAKT is known for using existing Transformers music in their Audio Dramas and Dramatic Reads, everything from Vince DiCola’s imaginative score for the 1986 Transformers: The Movie, to the original Generation 1 score. But we’ve also started adding original compositions to the mix! Here for your listening enjoyment is TAKT’s “Sounds of the Lost Light-Vol. 1” playlist! These four songs are the creations of members of the Audio Knights themselves for use in our MTMTE Audio Dramas! Let’s take a look…

Track 1 – TAKT MTMTE Theme
Used as the bookends for TAKT’s MTMTE Audio Dramas and written by Pete Lents, the MTMTE Theme is the re-imagining of the classic Transformers Theme (written by Ford Kinder and Anne Bryant) as the intro to a space soap opera. Featuring piano and strings, the recognizable refrain takes on a somber tone, while setting the stage for each one of the Lost Light’s adventures!

Track 2 – Lost Sunday
This piece started as a drum loop programmed by Orlando musician Mr. Bruce. As part of a collaborative effort, he invited Pete Lents and fellow musician Jeremy “Swirl” McShurley over to work on some tracks. Four hours later, the three emerged from the studio and Lost Sunday was born. All the music was written by Pete, with Swirl adding guitar tracks, but it was born from the drum loop, which can be heard in its original form in the song’s first breakdown.

Track 3 – The Girl From Caminus
In Issue 5, we see a scene from the Cybertronian psychiatrist Rung’s office, as he narrates a journey through the psyche of one of his most enigmatic patients, the paranoid security guard Red Alert. In trying to find a suitable song to underscore this scene, nothing from the original catalogs seemed to fit. So Pete Lents decided to write a song himself for the scene. In true doctor’s office fashion, the song is another re-imagining of the original Transformers theme, this time as a major-key bossa nova-style Muzak rendition! Featuring guitar work and engineering by the immensely Dave Haywood!

Track 4 – The Empyrean Suite – Citadel of Light
This track was created by the talented C. R. Dawson (@DocKrog on Twitter), using music literally ripped from the pages of MTMTE Issue 39! It’s well-known to fans of the comic that the Decepticon Justice Division’s leader Tarn loves to listen to music while he tortures his victims, and his favorite song is The Empyrean Suite, an old Cybertronian classic. The notes for this song appear on the first page of Issue 39, and Dawson expertly crafted those notes into a real-life version. Now fans can hear the refrain going through Tarn’s mind as he dispenses his special brand of justice!

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