Fan Built Combiner!

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Fan Built Combiner!

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***UPDATE*** Hasbro has released their updated app for voting for the Fan Built Combiner and it is a piecemeal approach to voting in figures(much like the system used for Windblade). So it looks like ProjectNightbird may have to be revisited in another avenue – we’re open to suggestions!

By now you may have heard the news: reports that Hasbro is launching a new fan-build contect, this time for a Combiner to be featured in the comics and toys! (Make sure to download the official Transformers app on Droid/iOS, as Hasbro will be updating it with the ability to vote on Fan Built entries!)

So that got us thinking: what if we organized a group of creative fans to collaboratively design a combiner for entry into this contest, complete with robot and vehicle modes, and some backstory as well?  We started the conversation on our account(feel free to follow), and many users jumped in on the idea!  Your ideas and designs are welcome too, so feel free to comment below and/or email us your designs!

We’ll be updating this page as designs evolve, but here’s where we stand so far:

1) We want all of the new characters to be female(let’s face it, the fandom could use more Fembots! And the popularity of Windblade, Arcee, Chromia, and Nautica reinforce the fandom’s desire to see more diversity in the comics and toys!).

2) We thought of using a Generation1 Nightbird homage as the combined form(the head at least, and perhaps some of the gestalt weapons like nunchucks).


3) Since the characters are all female, and most of the introduced females in the Transformers ‘ IDW fandom have shown to be from Caminus(a metrotitan which had fled Cybertron during the early days of the war), we figured they could all be from Caminus and, as such, their weapons would have a more melee-style design to them(since blasters were essentially outlawed on Caminus). This fits well with the Nightbird homage design style as well.


So far, we’re thinking 5-6 characters to combine, and these are rough names and descriptions of the characters:

1) Cadmia – a weapon-toting transport 9 Design by @RD_Blade !)

Cadmia copy

2) Stryker/Strika/Brawnhilde – double-barrel tank/sea-faring vessel ( Design by Logan Randolph )

IMG_20150116_061043 IMG_20150116_061057

3) FlameHawk/FireHawk – a half-phoenix beast/half motocycle-style ( Design by Ariel Lemon )


4) Airstrike/NovaShine – stealth plane

5) Spyrol – heavy-mining drill-vehicle( design by Trevor Monaghan )


Another suggested Spyrol could be modified into a nautical vehicle as well, like the submarine from Super Atragon!superatragon



Contributor Capes And Whips wrote an article on Caminean culture, that we’ll certainly be merging with our character concepts!

All of these are preliminary designs and names, and we’re still looking for the combined name(some have suggested Venus, Hera, Adjudicator, Persephone, Abattoir, Mega Nightbird, Arbiter, Nightingale, etc). Also, someone suggested one or more of them could have the experimental spacebridge tech that was implanted in Megatron’s latest body(and in all MetroTitans), so that they could warp to each other’s aid to combine(kind of like Super Sentai/Japanese combiner ‘bot genre stuff)…okay, so that someone was me, but I thought it sounded pretty freakin’ awesome. :p



There are a lot of options here, building that background – fans have suggested everything from a team of explorers, to an intervening yet compassionate cadre of judges, to a traveling theatre troupe mysteriously imbued with the powers of combination!

“Caminus, in its great wisdom, allowed its body to be disassembled and spread throughout this new world, to ensure the survival of the Cybertronians under its care.

As its consciousness faded, dispersed through disassembly, it imbued its portions with an old power.

A power that would later come to be referred to as Combination.”

1) The Ninja(with turbofox) – from the Camien Cyberninja Corps, mute who speaks Hand

2) The ThespianNovaShine, Camien poet, scribe, bard of the group who narrates/sings of the groups activities

3) The Peacekeeper – the judge, the general, Strika/Brawnhilde, security and defense head of Caminus
as they searched the stars

4) The ExplorerSwiftSail, captained Caminus

5) The SharkticonSpyrol, heavy mining drill sub with shark theme?

6) The Demolition Rally Enthusiast – motorcycle and jet triple changer, FlameHawk/FireHawk



Electric Chain-whip(like Ivy from Soul Calibur)ivy

Double-swords(who doesn’t like swords?)




Give us your thoughts on these characters and if you’re an artist, send us some designs! we’ll need help designing the robot and alt modes, weapons, as well as the combined form. If we do this as a concerted fan-effort, and make it look good, it’s possible fans would choose our design! We’re going to use the #FanBuiltCombiner , #CombinerWars , and #ProjectNightbird hashtags to keep the conversation going! Join us, won’t you? :p