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William The Last Motion Comic Demo Reel

The fantastic artist Brian Shearer and The Audio Knights Theatre have teamed up to bring you audio drama and motion comic adaptations of Brian’s excellent comic, William The Last! As […]

A TFcon Charlotte Message From the Crew of the Lost Light!

The Audio Knights Theatre is at it again! The folks over at TFcon ( asked us to do a few audio spots for their upcoming event, TFcon Charlotte (October 16-18, […]

Complete Cast – LSOTW Crewditions!

The Crewditions selection process for our Last Stand of The Wreckers dramatic read is now complete! Thanks to everyone who auditioned! if you were not chosen, do not despair! Many […]

MTMTE Issue 5 Audio Drama Out Now!

It’s finally here! After a host of other projects, we can finally say that our MTMTE Issue 5 Audio Drama is complete and ready for stream or download! In this […]

Issue #5 Teaser Trailer Now On YouTube!

It’s here! Our teaser trailer for Issue #5 of our Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye audio drama is now on YouTube! In this scene, we find Tailgate (who had […]

TAKT’s “Sounds of the Lost Light-Vol. 1” Playlist Now On SoundCloud!

TAKT is known for using existing Transformers music in their Audio Dramas and Dramatic Reads, everything from Vince DiCola’s imaginative score for the 1986 Transformers: The Movie, to the original […]

The Empyrean Suite – Citadel of Light

Longtime Transformers: MTMTE and Audio Knights Theatre fan, Craig (known as DocKrog on Twitter), was inspired by Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Issue 39 , Tarn-FaceTheMusic on Tumblr, and […]

Congrats Transmissions From TAKT!

The guys at TransMissions Podcast were kind enough to have us on Episode 88, so when we heard they were releasing their 100th podcast, we decided to show some love! […]

Dramatic Reads and MTMTE Teaser Playlists Now On YouTube!

Good news! We’ve collected our entire stock of Dramatic Reads and MTMTE Teaser videos in easy-to-use playlists! Simply click the links below to access each playlist, and sit back and […]

Teaser for MTMTE #4

Welcome to the fourth installment of our MTMTE Teasers! These videos are meant to illustrate how our audio dramas enhance the comic reading experience! In this scene from MTMTE Issue […]