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AKT – A Word About The Traveler

Mike Krahulik ( ) of Penny Arcade ( ) was moved and inspired by the Bungie-created, online game Destiny to create a fan-inspired fiction based on the game […]

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!

Our newest Dramatic Reading is here, and with celebrity voice cameos of David Kaye and Chris McFeely!  

TAKT’s First Interview – With RFC!

We sat down with Diecast, RoborobSpringer and Don to talk about our project!      

G1 Soundtrack Restoration Project Continues

Jimbo’s successfully-funded Kickstarter project, TF Soundtrack Restoration, continues, as he shares his twelfth update with fans of the G1 series!  Those of you who are not aware, an official soundtrack […]

TFCon Chicago 2014 Script Reading

The script reading between Venus Terzo, Dan Gilvezan, Alan Oppenheimer and fans was EPIC!  Check it out!  

TFCon Chicago 2014 – Panel With James Roberts

If you missed TFCon Chicago 2014, you missed a BUNCH!  Here’s a bit of the James Roberts panel! Spoiler Alert: Everyone Dies. :p    

How NOT To Unbox A Warbotron Heavy Noisy

Pete Lents AKA Rodimus, Ratchet, Tarn, Rung, Prowl – Sings The Touch!

Watch Pete rock out Stan Bush’s “The Touch” at Howl At The Moon! That’s our Rodimus! (AND Ratchet, AND Prowl…AND the list goes on!)

Rewind’s Last Message – A Project Of Inspiration

NoTankNoParty’s dramatic reading of Rewind’s Last Message is the video project that inspired us to start The Audio Knights Theatre project!  Take a look:   This was an incredibly awesome […]

The Audio Knights Theatre is on YouTube!

Our first dramatic reading, edited by our very own Drew Merkel! We’d seen many dramatic readings surfacing out there on the interwebs, and we wanted to put our own Audio […]