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Complete Cast – LSOTW Crewditions!

The Crewditions selection process for our Last Stand of The Wreckers dramatic read is now complete! Thanks to everyone who auditioned! if you were not chosen, do not despair! Many […]

LSOTW Dramatic Read Casting Update

The first round of roles have been cast for LSOTW! Crewditions have been steadily coming in, and we’ve started evaluations, Aequitas-style! To make sure everyone gets a shot at auditioning, […]

Medic! We need a Crewdition, stat!

The audible siege-engine that is The Audio Knights Theatre is increasing momentum, and fueling this great machine are YOU Audio Knights! We have many projects in the works, but we […]

Second Round of Roles Cast for Windblade and Shadowplay!

The Second Round of Crewditions are concluded! We have one more round to go to get the rest of Shadowplay and the LSOTW read cast. You can see HERE and […]

A New Dramatic Reading Crewdition – LSOTW

Everyone wants to know if we’re doing an audio drama for Last Stand of the Wreckers!  Time will tell!  We want to make sure we do it justice, if so!  In […]

First Round Of Roles Cast for Windblade And Shadowplay

The first round of casting has concluded and we have SIX new roles to announce!   Chromia – Ella Ellis-Bray Ironhide – @Malwave Waspinator – Josh T.F. Allen Blurr – @DrewsiferxXx […]

New Crewditions!

It’s that time again!  Work on Issue 5 progresses and we’ll start building issues 7 and 8 for the Scavengers/DJD before you know it! (By the way, if you earned […]

Win An Audio Knights Theatre T-Shirt At TFCon!

  Are you at TFCon? Would you like to own a swanky Audio Knights Theatre t-shirt? How do you get one?  EASY! Just find one of the Audio Knights at […]

First Round Of Crewditioners

It’s hard to believe we got such a HUGE response to our Crewditions casting call – and so many talented people!  The beacon was sent for the DJD/Scavenger two-parter casting, and […]