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LSOTW Dramatic Read Casting Update

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The first round of roles have been cast for LSOTW! Crewditions have been steadily coming in, and we’ve started evaluations, Aequitas-style! To make sure everyone gets a shot at auditioning, THE DEADLINE FOR ALL REMAINING LAST STAND OF THE WRECKERS AUDITIONS IS JUNE 19TH. Our Audio Knights will evaluate any outstanding roles and will judge the available Crewditions accordingly! ALSO, in evaluating roles, the Knights may request that you read for other characters(and not just for LSOTW) if we feel your voice is a great fit for another role!


Impactor-headshot      Impactor – Adam White


Topspin-headshot TwinTwist-headshot      Topspin & Twin Twist – Drew Merkel

Rack'N'Ruin-headshot      Rack ‘N Ruin – Josh Carias

Roadbuster-headshot      Roadbuster – Adam White


We are still evaluating roles, and have received Crewditions for all, though we encourage you to submit auditions for any available roles!  The remaining roles are:


Verity Carlo











Send in your Crewditions as soon as you can! Once we receive an outstanding Crewdition for a role, we will assign it prior to the deadline – if you want a shot at a role, you need to Crewdition! If you want to know how to submit Crewditions, visit our Crewditions Page and read the Primer!


Thanks for Crewditioning, future Audio Knights! WRECK ‘N RULE!


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Medic! We need a Crewdition, stat!

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The audible siege-engine that is The Audio Knights Theatre is increasing momentum, and fueling this great machine are YOU Audio Knights! We have many projects in the works, but we need YOUR talents to help breathe life into them!

We’ve added new information to our Crewditions page – be sure to check out the Crewditions Primer, if you’re a newcomer interested in submitting audio to us, as well as our newly-revised Last Stand of the Wreckers project! We’ll be working on a Dramatic Read for LSOTW once we get all of the roles cast!

There are many roles for female voice actors for our Uncanny X-Men read, and we will be adding many more projects in the near future, but before we get ahead of ourselves, we’d like to get these projects completed first! That’s where you come in – check out our Crewditions page and see what roles you’d like to audition for! Happy recording!

‘Til All Are One

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The Empyrean Suite – Citadel of Light

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Longtime Transformers: MTMTE and Audio Knights Theatre fan, Craig (known as DocKrog on Twitter), was inspired by Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Issue 39 , Tarn-FaceTheMusic on Tumblr, and our very own #AudioKnights T.F.Allen , who’d created clips of the now-infamous Empyrean Suite, and fleshed out a score for the song!

Craig was nice enough to share his song with us, and gave permission for us to use it in our upcoming MTMTE5 audiodrama! He shared his process with us, so we adapted it into a “Q&A” style interview! Check it out!


Craig: “Thanks so much for the excitement around my take on the Empyrean Suite. If it shows up in #5 it’s going to be a tremendous treat for my kids and me; can’t wait to see the look on their faces. They’ve had to listen to this thing about 200 times.”

TAKT: “Ha! We’ve put our kids through the same with our editing! We will absolutely include this in issue 5, in a scene that has original dialogue, which we call “incidental dialogue,” that helps flesh out the background of scenes as an addition to James Roberts’ words and the artists’ work! Do you have much experience creating music?”

Craig: “Not a professional musician. I have no training, I just play around and I really wanted to hear that song! Indebted to whoever was kind enough to make that 4 second clip that went around. I mostly built around that, glancing back at the notes in the comic for inspiration.”

TAKT: “T.F. Allen and Tarn-FaceTheMusic did a great job pulling those notes out of the comic and into a basic form – what cues did you draw from to create your version?”

Craig: “Rather than the ‘original’ song by Eucryphia, you’re supposed to hear the connotations of the music. You’re supposed to hear Tarn’s psychopathy/conflict, Ultra Magnus’ love of order, Skid’s haunted lack of understanding, what Rung might whistle, the dread of the DJD victims. Most of all, you’re supposed to feel the building of the Citadel now, the climbing nature of it, promise set against future ruin. I like my Transformers with a mix of nobility and loss, and it should show without sounding anything like Fall of Cybertron, or Transformers Prime (which imo, set the bar for TF music), etc.”

TAKT: “It sounds absolutely amazing! We noticed you got a few tips from our Lead Editor, Pete Lents while you were working on it. Did you get any other input on the song before you finished it?”

Craig: “It passed my test, when my 6 year old son said ‘I can see why Tarn uses that on his victims. That’s a death song.’


Out of the mouths of babes, to be sure! Thank you again for this incredible contribution to the fandom and to The Audio Knights Theatre, Craig, and we hope you’ll continue to share your creativity with us! By the powers vested in me by the Tyrest Accord, you are an honorary Audio Knight!
To hear Craig’s Empyrean Suite – Citadel of Light, see below!