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TAKT Spotlight – Week 2


Check out Josh’s FULCRUM Spotlight below, as well as the other Spotlights on our SoundCloud Playlist! Josh has years of theatre training, and it shows in how well he found the VOICE for Fulcrum in this read! We are almost done with MTMTE issue 6 and we can’t wait til we get to The Scavengers’ 2-parter!


Spotlights give fans the ability to create dramatic reads for characters they love, even if the official voice for our productions have been cast! All are encouraged to Crewdition with monologues/speeches by their favorite characters, and you can email them in .mp3 or .wav to us here at any time!

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TAKT Spotlight


Take a listen to Audio Knight Tim Butler’s Chief Justice Tyrest Spotlight below!


If the media player does not start in your browser, follow this link:

TAKT Spotlight – Tim Butler – Chief Justice Tyrest

We realize it’s been a bit quiet on the voice-acting front – we’ve been busy with the William The Last comic drama(if you shared the Kickstarter links, we thank you for helping the project reach its goal!), preparing for TFcon Charlotte, and training editors to work on MTMTE #6! If you’re itching to record something, we have a few options for you!

1) William The Last – Issue #1 production is going on and roles are still open for Issues #2 onward!

2) LSOTW – the roles have been assigned for everyone, but we haven’t received all of the recorded dialogue for each character yet. If you haven’t recorded yet, please do so as soon as you are able!

3) We are beginning a new voice actor initiative called Spotlights, and here’s how it works: Do you remember Chris McFeely’s speech of “Toward Peace” as Megatron?…/theaudioknightstheatre-tf-mtmte-to…

We’re looking for more performances like this, where we can ‘spotlight’ raw voice actor talent. We will be sharing one Spotlight a week, going forward, on our SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher pages! For now, we’ll focus on the MTMTE and Transformers comics. Send us a note with the character you’ll be voicing and the text of the dialogue you’ll be using, along with one or two lines recorded in this voice. We’ll give you feedback and then the go-ahead to record the full Spotlight!

The Audio Knights Theatre appreciates each and every one of you! We are looking forward to helping you all develop your talents and experience!

Thank you all!

The Audio Knights Theatre

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Complete Cast – LSOTW Crewditions!

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The Crewditions selection process for our Last Stand of The Wreckers dramatic read is now complete! Thanks to everyone who auditioned! if you were not chosen, do not despair! Many of you have awesome voices and we’d like to have more Crewditions from you in the future! (Also, we have other projects on our Crewditions page that are open, so please audition for roles there as well!  Stay tuned for a Voice Over Actor Workshop that will be announced soon as well, where you can come to get coaching and tips for your vocal development!)  For those of you who have earned roles, we will contact you soon with instructions/direction on recording your lines for this project!


We won’t keep you waiting any longer! Here’s the finalized cast list for this read!


Reprising their roles from the main series:

Brandon Hughes as Optimus Prime

Trevor Palczynski as Perceptor

Ronnie Deen as Whirl


New roles for LSOTW:

(If you are not on our About Us page, email us a headshot and a blurb about yourself!)

Josh Carias as Ironfist/Fisitron, Springer, and Rack ‘N’ Ruin

Adam White as Impactor, Roadbuster, and Aequitas

Erin Clough as Verity Carlo

Jason Goodchild as Macabre, Pyro, and Earthquake

Drew Merkel as Topspin & Twin Twist

Andrew Schatz as Sandstorm

Pete Lents as Tornado, Triton, Ferak, and Crosscut

(Though Pete was the only one who Crewditioned for these bit parts! He’s willing to give them up if any of our Crewdition runners-up wish to audition for them!)

To our runners-up:

Larry, Joey, Richie, Thomas, Sami, Laura, Emily, Melinda, Madalyn, Eleanor, Bryndis, Ella, Christian, Jeremy, Jack, Ty, Charles, and Rose, don’t despair! We encourage you all to continue Crewditioning! We have roles available on the Crewditions page, as well as Tornado, Triton, Ferak, and Crosscut, if you desire! And watch our website and social media for an announcement of a VO Actor Workshop!

‘Til All Are One!