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Dramatically Read!



From the Desk of Dave:




DrewsiferxXx, T. F. Allen, and yours truly are working on a new dramatic reading for your listening and viewing pleasure!

We’ve got some awesome things in the works and these dramatic readings are a part of that!  In addition to the individual MTMTE episodes we’re producing, we really like the dramatic reading concept – taking a snippet scene from a current issue and adding a little auditory and visual candy to punch the performance!  The dramatic readings can be considered “outside canon,” as we’ll often have fans and other celebrity cameos on these readings, but they may not be able to reprise the roles for varying reasons. So, the dramatic readings are more for fun and to get more people involved!  We’re going to start making these regularly and our initial goal is to put out two dramatic readings every month on our YouTube channel!.


We’ll be posting Crewditions for future dramatic readings in the coming weeks and we’ll even open it up for suggestions from the fans for dramatic readings from around the IDW Transformers comic universe!  You’ll see scenes from Last Stand of the Wreckers, Infiltration, Dark Cybertron…nothing is off-limits!


The Audio Knights Theatre is also working on remastering episodes 1 and 2, to get them to the same audible level of quality that issue 3 has. Don’t worry, this won’t prolong episode 5’s production – we’ve actually been working on 5 for a couple weeks now while issue 4 was being finalized(also, issue 4 is complete! We’ll be announcing a release date soon)!  Once episodes 1 and 2 are done, we’ll update our iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher pages AND we’ll put the full episodes on YouTube as well(these won’t have the comic panels/pages to go along with them, sorry – we continue to encourage everyone to support IDW by purchasing the comics, either at your local comic shop, Comixology or via MadeFire).


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If you missed our very first dramatic reading, you can find it here! :p


‘Til All Are One

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Rung – Key To Vector Sigma?

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So this is a bit of an experiment – I want to see if anyone wants to weigh in on their thoughts about this – a few of our Audio Knights have been discussing Alpha Trion – about him being the physical projection of Primus(making him one of the “keys” to Vector Sigma). If this is the case, what does that make Rung? He’s been around for forever, has “the brightest spark,” and transforms into an object which seems to, at first, have no practical application…is he the key to this universe’s Vector Sigma? Is he a member of the Guiding Hand, biding time for Primus’ return? Is there something else we’re missing? Share your thoughts in the comments!

– NinjaDave