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Welcome to the The Audio Knights Theatre multimedia comic book experience! Our goal is to provide the comic book industry with a more complete, immersive reading experience, providing voice-over, sound effects, music, motion and more to comic books!  

Our current fan project involves the IDW-published Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye series. These performances are made possible by volunteer voice actors and they do not receive any monetary compensation for this project. This performance is a labor of love, for fans, by fans, and we encourage you to purchase the IDW comics so you can read along with the performances.

We are also currently working on an audiodrama and motion comic adaptation of William The Last ! This effort came about through a love of comic books, a desire to provide an entertaining experience for those with visual impairments and/or those who prefer listening to performances, developing the vocal talents of our volunteers and with a commitment to encouraging new and developing readers to enjoy reading. We hope that you enjoy the various projects we are working on! Why not meet our cast?



Special Celebrity Guest Cameos!

Jon “3.0” Bailey


The Man of A Million Voices, Jon 3.0, host of Prime Reviews and the ever-popular Honest Trailers, graciously volunteered his time to fill the leg-gun-heavy role of the most pissed-off warden in the universe, Fortress Maximus! Jon also joined forces with LadyofWreck for the X-Files-ish dramatic reading of The Wrench, The Lift and The Briefcase as Nightbeat on our YouTube channel! Check out his channel and subscribe!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

         Fortress Maximus, Nightbeat


Aimee “Lady Of Wreck” Morgan


Aimee is no stranger to having her awesome voice recorded! She is a heavy-hitter on The Underbase Podcast comic book review podcast series, teamed up with Jon 3.0 as the savant, Nautica, for “The Wrench, The Lift, And The Briefcase” YouTube video, and has lent her voice to many other projects as well! A self-professed ‘Night Writer,’ she manages several online blogs and is an active mother! We look forward to having Aimee involved in future roles!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye



Brian Shearer


A veteran artist, having done an extensive amount of work on past and current Transformers titles(currently MTMTE, G.I.Joe vs Transformers), Brian has always wanted to try his chords at voice acting. We were absolutely floored with the quality of his voice work! He did such an incredible job with his Quark read, that we quickly had him give us more auditory candy in the form of Sonic and Boom! He had a blast reading for us and he’ll definitely return in future issues! You can find his work on, his ongoing webcomic William The Last on and can buy some of his inked pages on his KingBanjo auction site!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

          Quark, Sonic, Boom

     William The Last

          The Narrator, Grandfather


Chris McFeely


Chris is a man-about-town, and filled to the brim with talents aplenty! You can find him on Twitter as @ChrisMcFeely , hear his sultry voice on The Underbase Podcast, withness his moderating of content on TFWiki, and stalk his awesome personage at his MAD About Music comic shop in Derry, Northern Ireland! McFeely, through his far-reaching roots in the Transformers community, is a celebrity in his own right and his vocal abilities caught our attention in his incredibly moving MTMTE 32: Megatron and Ravage dramatic reading on YouTube! We simply had to have him on our audio drama project and he was more than happy to oblige! Chris will be reprising his role as Megatron in our MTMTE comic drama series, and he’ll be adding roles to his roster in coming issues!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

          Megatron, Senator Shockwave, Shockwave


David Kaye


Is it an extreme honor to host a celebrity cameo for such a talented and friendly voice actor, who has been crucial in not only breathing life into a variety of characters, but helping rebuild the Transformers fandom! From G.I.Joes’ roles of General Hawk to Inuyasha’s Sesshomaru, from Clank in Insomniac games’ “Ratchet & Clank” series to his breakout role as Megatron in Transformers: Beast Wars, David Kaye is the personification of professionalism, class, and humility! We are overjoyed to have Mr. Kaye imbue the role of the mischievous mnemosurgeon Trepan with such a delicious depiction! Follow Mr. Kaye’s exploits on and see his performance on our YouTube dramatic reading, “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye




The Audio Knights Theatre Owners

David Cunningham

dave 1

“Sometimes crazy works.”Optimus Primal

Founder of The Audio Knights Theatre, you’ll find Dave making the social media posts interacting with fans as well as many other talented people! There are many more exciting TAKT-related ideas coming down the pipeline and when he’s not voicing characters, you can find Dave editing dialogue from the Audio Knights, wrangling special effects and building scenes from the issues! He’s the father of an awesome 8 year-old girl and he also heads up The Carolina Sith .


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

          Brainstorm , Drift, Ambulon, Shock

     William The Last

          The Usurper King


Pete Lents


Co-Founder of The Audio Knights Theatre, Pete is a powerhouse of awesomeness; as a dueling piano entertainer, he travels the country playing everyone’s favorite songs by request! As the Lead Editor, when he’s not being the most awesome Rodimus, Ratchet and Rung the world has ever seen, he’s feverishly editing the audio drama, putting in details, music and effects that make the MTMTE world come to life in your earbuds! As a musician, he has arranged the More Than Meets The Eye theme song and wrote the original song, “Lost Sunday,” featured in episode 4!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

          Rodimus, Prowl, Ratchet, Rung, Tarn

Andrew Schatz


Co-Founder of The Audio Knights Theatre, Andrew is all about the effects and acting! Andrew brings more than ten years’ worth of experience with audio editing at a local news station, and scours the internet for sounds and custom-creates FX as well! As the voice of Tailgate, Chromedome and Pipes, he’s done a TON of research into vocal inflections to give each character a distinct personality!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

          Chromedome, Tailgate, Pipes


Regular Cast Members

Richie Clough


When he’s not swinging lightsabers with the Carolina Sith, Richie voices Mainframe, Trailbreaker and First Aid! He voiced the hapless Animus from the Sparkeater issue and if you listen closely, you’ll find he’s also the voice of the message from the future in issue 1! Richie has been with us from the start and he’ll be auditioning for more characters to add to his roster!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

          Animus, First Aid, Mainframe, Trailbreaker

Matt Steninger


Veteran voice actor, comedian and cosplay enthusiast all rolled into one, Matt lends his uber-unique voice to our favorite amnesiac agent, Skids! In his spare time, he runs a comedy duo with his wife, called The Comedic Stylings of Matt and Abby! Matt’s voice can be heard in a number of random places – we’ll leave it to you to figure out where this Where’s Waldo of voices shows up!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

          Skids, Dance With The Devil Announcer

Drew Merkel


One of our newest members and resident gearhead, Drew dazzled us with his Misfire and Pharma auditions and his passion for the fandom went well beyond those two roles! The editor behind the awesome YouTube dramatic reading, “The Wrench, The Lift, and The Briefcase,” he has been involved with a number of voice acting roles on YouTube and you can find him on his channel, DrewsiferxXx! He’s currently working on an original series called “The Knockoffs,” wrote the song, “Cold Spark,” featured in his YouTube video, and the creative mind behind Close Countach!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

          Misfire, Pharma, Flywheels


Ronnie Deen


Ronnie has a definitive range of voices, shown expertly in his portrayals from the raspy Rewind, everyone’s favorite psychotic, Whirl, and Lost Light jokester Swerve! In his spare time he studies and practices stand-up comedy, runs the Turtle Lair Podcast and writes reviews and other articles for ! A geek on many levels, Ronnie brings the yuks both on the microphone and off!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

          Swerve, Rewind, Whirl

Brandon Hughes


From the moment the More Than Meets The Eye opening theme ends and our audio drama begins proper, you’re introduced to the sultry sounds of Brandon’s deep bass voice as the Narrator! Couple that with his law-enforcing Ultra Magnus and surly Cyclonus, and you’ve got a trifecta of auditory bliss! Brandon recently achieved a long-time goal – he now teaches middle-schoolers! A hard-core wrestling fan, he can also be found on TFRadio’s Bell2Bell podcast!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

          Ultra Magnus, The Narrator, Cyclonus


Ricky Gonzalez


Timid and suspicious by nature, Rickey was a perfect choice for the always-on-guard Red Alert! He also lent his talent to Bumblebee and Perceptor in the original, uncut versions of episodes 1 and 3! A fan of the Blue brand microphones, and a father of one, Rickey stays hard at work preparing for future roles!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

          Red Alert


Joshua “T. F. Allen” Carias


Joining the Audio Knights just in time to voice Fulcrum, Josh quickly jumped into the world of audio and video editing, producing the video for the Windblade dramatic reading and a selection of YouTube teasers for the main More than Meets the Eye audio drama. His stage credits include major roles in productions of Les MisérablesThe Pirates of Penzance, Into the WoodsArsenic & Old Lace, and The Jeweler’s Shop. He has collaborated with singer-songwriter Matilda Modigh in numerous projects, and his voice and lyrics can be heard in her Doctor Who-inspired EP Barely Human. As a writer, Josh has composed roughly a hundred poems under the name “T.F. Allen,” including some Transformers-based works. He is also part of the Nostalgia Chick’s team of ghost writers for the collaborative novel Awoken, published under the name of Serra Elinsen. He is currently finishing his college studies as a student of musical theatre and philosophy.


     More than Meets the Eye
Ironfist, Fulcrum, Kaon, Tesarus, Black Shadow, Torque, Rolt,
          Pious Maximus, additional voices
     Last Stand of the Wreckers
          Ironfist/Fisitron, Springer, Rack ‘N’ Ruin


Tim Butler

Chris Brown performs as part of his F.A.M.E tour at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St. Louis, Mo., on September 24, 2011.

Heralding from Saint Louis, MO, and a SAG/AFTRA member, Tim started his Transformer comic love with issue 1 of the Marvel run. His mother would read them to him at night even though he knew she thought the material was ludicrous! He stopped collecting and reading right before Generation 2, then about 6 years ago rekindled his love for the comics and toys. Now there is a robot on almost every shelf in his apartment! He truly enjoys acting and is happy to be working with the Audio Knights!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

“Fingers” Jailer, Chief Justice Tyrest, Roller, Genericaon 2


Andrew Peterson


An aspiring writer (currently working on his as-of-yet-untitled first novel, a tale blending science fiction, fantasy, and superhero tropes), Andrew has done voices in various Youtube series (Transformers-related and otherwise) under the name Darth Ratbat. On a personal level, he really empathizes with Crankcase’s grumpiness and pseudo-wit, and will continue to audition in hopes of getting to do more cool voices for upcoming issues.


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

Crankcase, Riptide, Senator Proteus


Laura Hale


Laura was sucked into the alternate universe of the Audio Knights Theatre through TFcon Chicago and has stayed with them ever since! When she’s not discussing the latest in Transformers news, Laura is getting a headache ‘edumacating’ herself in college. We look forward to more characters from her in the near future!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

Windblade, Glitch


Matthew Herrera


A big fan of anime and a cosplay enthusiast, Matthew knows odds are at least one day per convention he attends, he’ll be cosplaying as someone! An occasional Twitch TV streamer and into primarily older games, he’s a self-professed amateur voice actor with his first experience being with the Audio Knights, and he hopes to gain enough familiarity with the general process to eventually expand into the professional realm and do dubbing at FUNimation and character voices for Gearbox or ID. He’s also a fairly amateur D&D DM, though the one campaign he ran managed to last for over a year!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye




Charles Shelton


“Hugs are the right of all sentient beings.”

After a few tryouts, Charles (aka Big C) was recruited to be the voice of Blaster on the Lost Light! You can also hear him as the host of the TransMissions Podcast. As an old-school fan, he’s been in love with Transformers since 1984. The show and the toys drew him in, but the comics captured his heart. He’s lurked on Transformers newsgroups (remember ?) and forums since the 90s but has only recently become a slightly bigger voice in Transformers fandom through podcasting. More Than Meets The Eye takes him back to the thrill he got reading the Marvel comics as a kid in the 80s and he’s excited to contribute to the Audio Knights Theatre project. If you meet him at a Transformers convention, the hugs are free!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye



Trevor Palczynski


Trevor has been a fan of the Transformers franchise for many years, collecting various figures and watching the shows. He met the Audio Knights at TFcon Chicago while performing a live script reading with veteran voice actors (as well as knocking the socks off of everyone in the room with his voice talent!). Trevor began voice-over work in high school for himself and his friends, but is hoping to make it a part-time profession when he gets the chance. His first roles with the Audio Knights were Bumblebee and Perceptor in the remastered versions of issue 1 and 3, with future roles ahead! You can find his work on his YouTube channel, TrevorPalVA, performing various machinimas, dubs, narrations, etcetera. He is also an avid Railfan, visiting various parts of the country to film vintage steam locomotives in action, as well as volunteering at local railroad museums, restoring and operating these time machines!


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

Zeta Prime, Slug, Bumblebee, Perceptor


Karan “Seraph” Murtha


Karan is a Transformers fan since back-in-the-day whose work in the fandom includes producing fan art and fan fiction, haphazardly editing wiki entries, and voice acting. She enjoys trapping toy robots in her doll’s house, dabbling in model and miniature customization, posting humorous pics to the internet, and reading comics. She gained an appreciation for audio drama through recordings of The Shadow, and was quickly interested in the work of Audio Knights Theatre. Just don’t ask her to try pronouncing “huge human.”


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye



Ella Ellis-Bray


“I am 19 and have autism so life has been quite interesting for me.” Ella has always loved t.v shows and movies – they were a form of escape and a way of better understanding others around her. She did not truly become a Transformers fan until reading some Transformers comics after she left school at 16. Since then she has loved very aspect of the franchise! She makes Tf audio projects on her sound-cloud page such as scenes from tf comics, sketches and tf themed songs. Though she has bean a singer for most of her life, she is fairly new when it comes to voice acting and hopes to improve and get better. Working with you TAKT has been a wonderful experience for her and has greatly helped with her voice acting confidence. She hopes to work on more projects with TAKT in the future and to better improve her own!




     William the Last


     Penny Arcade

The Guardian


Brent “Malwave” Johnston


Having impersonated voices since childhood, Brent – or Mal as everyone knows him as – has always been interested in the field of voice work. This logically lead him to take on roles in various abridged series and especially convention script reads, co-reading with the likes of Garry Chalk, Scott McNeil, Neil Kaplan, Venus Terzo and Jack Angel to name a few. A TF fan since 2005, he mostly occupies the customizer section of the fandom. He is also a proud Whovian since 2011. Mal hopes to continue with this project, and he continues to audition for roles! He just enjoys voice acting more than the average fan!





Joseph “Macula” Brant


Joseph Brant is known to most of the world as Macula and here, notably, as Overlord! He hails from the UK, with a love of audio drama grown from the BBC. He helps run several conventions in the UK, including periphery items with the UK’s Auto Assembly, with the majority of his involvement in Kitacon. During the day, he is a PA for a London gallery, and also finds time to write, which he’d rather be doing at any given moment! His articles can be found in a few online magazines, and he writes story copy for a couple of toy companies. Macula also mod toys, tweets incessantly, and generally makes a nuisance of himself.


     Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye




Joining The Roster Soon!

Dave Vincent(JudgeDeliberata) – Vos

James Fisher – Helex, Krok

DJ Howard – Autobot Straggler

Stuart Christensen – Grimlock