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Big update from The Audio Knights Theatre!


Hi everybody! It’s been a while since TFcon Charlotte, so we thought it was time for an update! Firstly, check out our new logo! You can see it as the image attached to this post as well as on our Facebook, Twitter @TAKTonline, and our avatar and signature on TFW2005!

Next, our first full non-TF project, chapter 1 of Brian Shearer’s William The Last webcomic, will be releasing soon (first to the Kickstarter supporters and later to all)! This includes the full audio and soon a motion comic. If you haven’t checked out this wonderful webcomic, you can start right here: William The Last!

We did a very amusing Squirrel Girl dramatic read, which you can see on our YouTube channel: TAKT – A Galactic Need To Kick Butts And Eat Nuts

For our TF projects, we have a few Spotlights that came out recently. These are one voice actor performing a monologue of a single character. You can hear some of our Audio Knights performing as Orion Pax, Grimlock, Nightbeat, Fulcrum, Megatron, and Chief Justice Tyrest. Check out the Soundlcoud playlist right here:
TAKT – Spotlights on Soundcloud!

Life hit us hard after TFcon, but we are getting back on track with MTMTE 6 as well as training some new editors so we can put out content faster. Thank you for your support! And don’t forget to visit our website as well as following us on Facebook and Twitter @TAKTonline!