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TAKT Spotlight


Take a listen to Audio Knight Tim Butler’s Chief Justice Tyrest Spotlight below!


If the media player does not start in your browser, follow this link:

TAKT Spotlight – Tim Butler – Chief Justice Tyrest

We realize it’s been a bit quiet on the voice-acting front – we’ve been busy with the William The Last comic drama(if you shared the Kickstarter links, we thank you for helping the project reach its goal!), preparing for TFcon Charlotte, and training editors to work on MTMTE #6! If you’re itching to record something, we have a few options for you!

1) William The Last – Issue #1 production is going on and roles are still open for Issues #2 onward!

2) LSOTW – the roles have been assigned for everyone, but we haven’t received all of the recorded dialogue for each character yet. If you haven’t recorded yet, please do so as soon as you are able!

3) We are beginning a new voice actor initiative called Spotlights, and here’s how it works: Do you remember Chris McFeely’s speech of “Toward Peace” as Megatron?…/theaudioknightstheatre-tf-mtmte-to…

We’re looking for more performances like this, where we can ‘spotlight’ raw voice actor talent. We will be sharing one Spotlight a week, going forward, on our SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher pages! For now, we’ll focus on the MTMTE and Transformers comics. Send us a note with the character you’ll be voicing and the text of the dialogue you’ll be using, along with one or two lines recorded in this voice. We’ll give you feedback and then the go-ahead to record the full Spotlight!

The Audio Knights Theatre appreciates each and every one of you! We are looking forward to helping you all develop your talents and experience!

Thank you all!

The Audio Knights Theatre