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Dramatic Reads and MTMTE Teaser Playlists Now On YouTube!


Good news! We’ve collected our entire stock of Dramatic Reads and MTMTE Teaser videos in easy-to-use playlists! Simply click the links below to access each playlist, and sit back and enjoy each series back to back!

Our Dramatic Reads are a collection of scenes from various comics set to voices, sound effects, and music! Featuring voice-over artists like David Kaye, Chris McFeely, Jon “3.0” Bailey, and LadyOfWreck! Click this link to watch:

Our MTMTE Teasers feature excerpts from The Audio Knights Theatre’s audio dramas for IDW’s Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye series! These are intended to show how our audio performances integrate with the comic, and are voiced by our talented team of volunteer voice actors! Click this link to watch:

Make sure to visit our YouTube page (click the YouTube icon on this site) and subscribe for more Audio Knights Theatre videos, and please share!