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Who Wants An AKT T-Shirt?

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So, our t-shirts were a major hit at TFCon! So much so, that we don’t have any left! Many of you have expressed interest in having your very own Audio Knights Theatre t-shirt and we want to give our fans what they want!

casey rik

*Note how awesome our shirts look on the Incredibly Sexy models Casey Coller & Rik Alvarez!*

So here’s what we’ll do – we want to see just how many of you want shirts and are willing to purchase them! For $25, that gets you your personally-sized shirt and includes shipping! Send an email to us here if you are interested, with your shirt size, quantity, and mailing address!  If enough people express interest, we’ll get these shirts made up right away! This will work like a preorder – once we’ve verified who wants shirts, we’ll place the order and ship them to you once they’re ready! We’re having these shirts produced at-cost, we wanted to offer these awesome shirts to our fans!

We appreciate your support and we’ll keep doing what we do best!

‘Til All Are One!

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Second Round of Roles Cast for Windblade and Shadowplay!

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The Second Round of Crewditions are concluded! We have one more round to go to get the rest of Shadowplay and the LSOTW read cast. You can see HERE and HERE who’s available!

 Congratulate those who earned the Crewdition roles!

Slamdance – Karan Murtha (we discovered there were two components of Slamdance, so she will be the other half!)FlameWatch

“Fingers” Jailer – Tim ButlerFingers Jailer

Genericon 1 – DJ Howard

Genericon 1

Genericon 2 – Tim ButlerGenericon 2

Glitch – Laura HaleGlitch

J.A.A.T. Lecturer – Josh “T.F. Allen” CariasJAAT lecturer

Kroma – Christine FergusonKroma

Zeta Prime – Trevor PalczynskiZeta Prime

Senator Proteus – Andrew “DarthRatBat” Peterson

Senator Proteus

Roller – Tim ButlerRoller

Slug – Trevor Palczynski



Information on how to record and submit auditions for roles can be found on our Crewditions page!