The Audio Knights Theatre – TF MTMTE Issue 4

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The Audio Knights Theatre – TF MTMTE Issue 4



It’s time for a Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye flashback! Nab Issue four from your local comic shop or from Comixology here! Listen along while you read! #ReadingComicsIsCool

On Friday, we’ll post a new Crewditions; both for Shadowplay AND for our next Dramatic Reading!  We’ve already started working on another dramatic reading, with special celebrity guest cameo David Kaye!



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November 29, 2014at 4:52 am

LOVE the sound design, the scene in Swerve’s even has the “funny background event” playing out as Doctor McCoy …. Ratchet and Swerve chat.

David Cunningham

December 2, 2014at 12:28 pm

Glad you like it! That incidental dialogue came forth from poring over the artist’s awesomely detailed work, so we just had to include it!

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