Rung – Key To Vector Sigma?

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Rung – Key To Vector Sigma?

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So this is a bit of an experiment – I want to see if anyone wants to weigh in on their thoughts about this – a few of our Audio Knights have been discussing Alpha Trion – about him being the physical projection of Primus(making him one of the “keys” to Vector Sigma). If this is the case, what does that make Rung? He’s been around for forever, has “the brightest spark,” and transforms into an object which seems to, at first, have no practical application…is he the key to this universe’s Vector Sigma? Is he a member of the Guiding Hand, biding time for Primus’ return? Is there something else we’re missing? Share your thoughts in the comments!

– NinjaDave



Charles (Big C)

November 13, 2014at 9:49 am

The last few issues of MTMTE and RID seem to me to be telling us that the religious significance the bots put into Primus, The Guiding Hand, The Thirteen, etc. might be more due to faulty memories (Information Creep) than these beings actually being God-like figures. If you’ve read James Roberts fanfiction epic Eugenesis (which is a continuation of the Marvel UK comic universe) you can see how he takes the “gods” connotation of Unicron and Primus from the old Marvel comics and reveals them to be more mundane in origin.

It’s not exactly the same in the IDW universe, but with the last issue of RID, we’ve already seen how The Thirteen Primes were not godlike figures, but just powerful ancient bots who led the first tribes of Cybertronians. Of course Alpha Trion could be the definition of “unreliable narrator” but I don’t think he’s a personification of Primus because I think Primus (and the rest of the Guiding Hand for that matter) were just older bots whose origins are now shrouded in mystery, and were not gods or energy beings or what have you at all. Maybe they’re still out there in some corner of the universe after they left Cybertron to their descendants. Maybe the Lost Light will eventually find them still leading the Knights of Cybertron.

Rung as the Key to Vector Sigma is a very interesting thought. His altmode shape is quite key-like. But in IDW we don’t really have any information on what Vector Sigma is other than that it’s at the core of Cybertron. What does it do? Does it have a connection to generating sparks and the Matrix? I hope this gets explored in future issues. But Rung himself doesn’t know what he is, so I’m guessing he’s not one of these ancient bots, but maybe his creation was directed by one of them? We still don’t really know what the process is of “forging” a spark and how the bot’s body is created after the spark ignites on the surface of Cybertron. Maybe there are “spark harvesters” who guide and direct the growth of a new bot’s body around a spark. If this is the case, then an ancient bot from The Thirteen or The Guiding Hand might have been directing Rung’s development before he was forged. Perhaps it was even Alpha Trion for some future purpose?

Okay, I’ve rambled enough! 🙂

David Cunningham

November 13, 2014at 10:25 am

Thanks for that insight, Charles! I am really looking forward to more of Cybertronian culture and history being explored. Information Creep is a heavy-handed mistress!

Karan Murtha

November 13, 2014at 11:41 pm

I thought about this for a while. Initially I thought “Robot Buddha”, without analyzing that too much. It just occurred to me as a shorthand way of saying he was special, though not a deity himself, and had possibly chosen to remain rather than go to Nirvana or the Well of All Sparks or what have you. He’s just there, non-violently showing others the path-

Because ‘Rung’, apart from being a play on Jung, is part of a ladder. The rung supports you in your own ascension. Or, OK, in Jacob’s Ladder fashion, is a conduit, as was discussed for Alpha Trion.

In any case, I changed my mind.

If Rung is not actually a Mary Sue self-insert (because we know there is this theory, like it or not, I mean, it’s his holo-avatar’s cover name), then maybe Rung is Alchemist Prime.

Yeah, one of those ancient Cybertronian tribal leaders.The one who has special lenses that let him see deep physical and spiritual stuff. (I mean, these would be dead useful in writing Autopedia entries, right?) We know, now, that he does have removable lenses. And, yes, he’d also be the one who allegedly “dreamt up the idea of the ‘Chosen One’ after consuming twelve drams of rancid Engex”. We do know he was once a fixture at Maccadam’s Oil House, and even spilling drinks.

We know he’s old.

And if he were one of the Thirteen, it might explain some of his apparent special qualities, like the bright spark, and miraculous return from a head-shot.

I’m not fully certain about the name thing, but while thinking about it, this occurred to me:

The English term “Alchemist” has etymological roots possibly going back to Egypt and its name Kemet (which relates to its particular fertile black soil), but somewhere in that string of equivalents we get the Arabic “Al Kimia”. Where did Rung once work? The Kimia Facility, where they developed all manner of tech and weaponry.

And, what is it alchemists really do? They pursue perfection or the highest state, be it gold, or immortality, gnosis (wisdom; the answer to life, the universe, and everything), or…I don’t know a complete set of mint condition model ships??

David Cunningham

November 14, 2014at 8:43 am

Ooooh, Karanseraph, I like where this is going!

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