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New Crewditions!

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It’s that time again!  Work on Issue 5 progresses and we’ll start building issues 7 and 8 for the Scavengers/DJD before you know it! (By the way, if you earned a role and have not yet recorded the audio for it, please do so and submit them to us ASAP! Also, send a headshot and any links/descriptions you’d like shared on your Tech Spec!) We’ll be running this casting call for one week, and on next Saturday, we’ll announce the selected cast! For any roles not cast, we’ll extend the Crewditions for another week, until all roles are filled!


Information on how to record and submit auditions for roles can be found on our Crewditions page!

We have TWO projects to cast for – Shadowplay and a Dramatic Reading! See below!

We’re casting for SHADOWPLAY! Transformers: MTMTE Issues 9-11 Click here for the Comixology link!



Attacker 1Attacker 1

Attacker 2Attacker 2

Brilliant Bot

Flame Watch Reporter – CAST!FlameWatch

Ironfist/Fisitron*Fisitron IRONFIST

“Fingers” Jailer – CAST!Fingers Jailer

Empurata CommenterEmpurate Commenter

Decepticon ProtestorDecepticon Protestor

Genericon 1 – CAST!Genericon 1

Genericon 2 – CAST!Genericon 2

Glitch – CAST!Glitch

J.A.A.T. LecturerJAAT lecturer

Kroma – CAST!Kroma

Zeta Prime – CAST!Zeta Prime

Windcharger – CAST!Windcharger

Senator ProteusSenator Proteus

Roller – CAST!Roller

Pious MaximusPious Maximus

*Ironfist/Fisitron will need to be someone who is able to reprise the role for Last Stand of the Wreckers – Click HERE for the link to Comixology! (to be announced at a later date)!


We’re also casting for a new Dramatic Reading for Windblade, Issue 2 – Click HERE for the Comixology link!!

Blurr – CAST!

Chromia – CAST!Chromia

Ironhide – CAST!Ironhide

Slug – CAST!Slug

Waspinator – CAST!Waspinator

Happy Recording!

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The Audio Knights Theatre – TF MTMTE Issue 4



It’s time for a Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye flashback! Nab Issue four from your local comic shop or from Comixology here! Listen along while you read! #ReadingComicsIsCool

On Friday, we’ll post a new Crewditions; both for Shadowplay AND for our next Dramatic Reading!  We’ve already started working on another dramatic reading, with special celebrity guest cameo David Kaye!



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Toward Peace!




 #Transformers #MTMTE34 is an incredible issue highlighting many themes, and we chose a few key scenes as the subject of our next #DramaticReading ! We’ve got an all-star cast lined up: @DrewsiferxXx  @CthulhuPrime  @ChrisMcFeely  @PeteLents  and a VERY SPECIAL celebrity cameo by none other than @DKayeVO !!!  We’ve been working on the dramatic reading for a bit, and we should have it finished in about a week, so you’ll have to tune in to our YouTube channel to find out who plays who when it drops! In the meantime, however, we’ll give you a taste of Chris McFeely’s #Megatron as he recites an excerpt from what we can only consider to be #TowardPeace ! Also, don’t forget – Episode 4 of our #MTMTE #AudioDrama will be released this Wednesday and you can find it on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and direct .MP3 download!