First Round Of Crewditioners

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First Round Of Crewditioners


It’s hard to believe we got such a HUGE response to our Crewditions casting call – and so many talented people!  The beacon was sent for the DJD/Scavenger two-parter casting, and we had an overwhelming response! We had to come up with a Primer(found here), and although it took us awhile to listen through all of the incredible auditions, we were able to assign roles!  Join us in congratulating the following who received roles on the first round of Crewditioning!


Dave Vincent(JudgeDeliberata) – Vos

Joseph Brant – Overlord

James Fisher – Helex, Krok

DJ Howard – Autobot Straggler

Andrew Peterson – Crankcase

Matthew Herrera – Swindle

Stuart Christensen – Grimlock

If you earned the role and haven’t yet recorded your lines, please record them soon and submit them to us! Having all the dialogue ahead of time helps us assemble the episodes much faster(we plan to get issue 5 completed in under a month!) If you auditioned but didn’t land a role, don’t fear! We want you to get ready for the NEXT round of Crewditions, for the Shadowplay storyarc! Until then, we continue to work on issue 4, slated to be released soon after TFCon has concluded!

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